About Europatat

Mission and objectives

The growing importance – and complexity – of European policies and legislation increasingly affects the potato supply chain. Europatat has been established in 1952 and was one of the first European organisations in the agriculture wholesale trade. Initially set up by national organisations to protect the interests of the wholesale potato merchants, its membership is now open to individual companies active in the potato trade.

Europatat’s objectives are:

  • to improve the commercial and international activities of the potato trade;
  • to protect the professional interests and the commercial function on a European and International level;
  • to represent the profession in and at all official and international organisations.

Europatat is located in Brussels and in its day-to-day work the association keeps regular contact with the services of the European Commission as well as the European Parliament. Besides this, Europatat has received since its establishment the encouragement and support of various official organisations such as the UN-ECE, the FAO or the OECD. Furthermore, Europatat enjoys the day-to-day synergies of a shared office with other EU associations involved in the agri-produce trade: ASSUC (sugar), FRESHFEL (fresh fruit & vegetables), FRUCOM (dried fruits and nuts) and UNION FLEURS (flowers).

The economic evolution of Europe requires an ongoing adaptation of trading behaviour and in particular of the Rules and Practices of the profession. As early as in 1956 Europatat therefore established the first Rules and Usages for the Inter European Trade in Potatoes codifying professional usages and instituting a simple and effective procedure for valuation and arbitration, henceforth known under the name RUCIP. Since that time RUCIP has been used for nearly all European transactions.

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