Food Safety

Food safety remains highly on the agenda of Europatat. The policy of the European Commission (and Member States) to reduce the use of plant protection products where possible is taken seriously by the potato sector. Ensuring a high level of protection of human health regarding the food industry, is a guiding principle fully endorsed by the sector. Europatat also advocates for the cohesion of other relevant policies as regards the EU Food System (i.e. the sustainable development goals on food security or climate change), so that the sustainable role of potatoes is also ackonwledged.


Transparency at the centre

The General Food Law legislation has recently been under revision to provide increased transparency to the EU risk assessment. The new rules, for instance, introduce the obligation on EFSA to make the studies submitted as part of the application process for the approval of pesticides publicly available; and that EU citizens will have greater access to information submitted to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and boost transparency.


Plant Protection Products

The availability of pesticides to grow and store potatoes is of the highest importance to present a quality product to the consumer and to assure the trade position of the European potato sector.

To this end Europatat continuously monitors and inform members of any developments regarding legislative requirements, the withdrawal and authorisation of plant protection products and corresponding Maximum Residue Levels (MRL). Europatat aims at facilitating the move towards better agricultural practices for its members. The high level rate of MRL compliance confirms the commitment undertaken by the sector towards the common goal.


Read more about our main actions on these topics in our 2019-2019 Activity Report.

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