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Europatat played an important role in opening the European promotion budget for agricultural products to the potato sector. This evolution allows national or multinational generic promotion campaigns in and outside the EU to increase the consumption of potatoes to be supported by the European Union. Promotion measures deserve continuation both in the internal and international markets. The visibility of the origin, as well as a guarantee of a maximum flexibility for the priorities of the actions, should be a key objective for securing the best efficiency of the programmes and the best return on investment.


EU Promotion of Agricultural products

The EU promotion policy legislative framework has now been in force since 1 December 2015. The budget provided by this policy will reach its maximum potential of €200 million per year in 2019. The level of co-financing varies according to the type of programme (70% for simple programmes, 80% for multi country programmes, and 85% in case of crisis).
Given the competition, programmes must be ambitious and based on a very solid market analysis, which requires a significant investment in terms of time and resources. In order to ensure a common visual identity with the EUs own promotion campaigns, beneficiaries of EU promotion funding have to use the signature “Enjoy! It’s from Europe”.

A key element of the new promotion policy is the establishment of an annual work programme, which sets out the strategic priorities for promotion measures in terms of products, schemes and markets to be targeted, and the corresponding allocated budgets. The objective is to have a dynamic and pro-active policy, adapted each year to emerging market opportunities and the needs of the sector. To secure that the priorities for the calls reflect the particularities of the potato sector, Europatat contributes regularly to the drafting of the annual work programmes that the European Commission prepares.

The latest Europatat position to input on the upcoming 2019 annual work programme provided input for both the priorities for the internal and international markets. The association is also currently inves¬tigating with its members the possibility of developing a common action among several members to stimulate consummation in Europe.

Promotion interactive map

Actions undertaken to reverse the declining consumption trend are also exchanged between Europatat members in order to understand the successful elements in promotion campaigns.

Check the Europatat Promotion interactive map here!

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