Europatat, the European Potato Association, is calling upon researchers and industry professionals to share information about ongoing research, and any other related activities which will help to control the spread of wireworms in potatoes.

Wireworms, the soil-dwelling larvae of click beetles, present a significant challenge to potato production worldwide. These detrimental pests feed on the roots and tubers of various crops, including potatoes, causing substantial damage and economic losses.

There are several species of particular concern including:  Agriotes lineatus, Agriotes obscurus, Agriotes sputator, Agriotes sordidus, Agriotes litigiosus,  A. brevis, A. ustulatus, Athous haemorrhoidalis, Limonius californicus, and Ctenicera cuprea.

Europatat would like to emphasise the need for enhanced knowledge sharing and collaboration among researchers and industry stakeholders. Therefore, Europatat encourages researchers and professionals with relevant information to contact our Secretariat at to share information about relevant initiatives and to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

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