The EU potato sector

Statistics on production and trade

The EU potato sector in 2021 & 2022: statistics on production & trade

European production and trade

A large majority of the EU’s harvested production of potatoes in 2021 and 2022 came from just five Member States; these were Germany, Poland, France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Source: Eurostat

Potato trade bounced back in volume terms in 2021 with 24.2 million tonnes of products, ware and seed shipped, the second largest total on record after the all-time high figure in 2019. The volume exported was 3.4% more than in 2020. 

Source: World Potato Markets.

Global potato statistics (2021)

In January 2023, FAO updated its data related to global potato statistics which is available via its FAOSTAT database. The latest data includes statistics for 2021 and it covers “total production” (metric tonnes) and “total area harvested” (hectares), and present the results for 140 potato producing countries.



World potato production in 2021 (mt)

World potato production:


World potato area harvested:

Source: FAO via its FAOSTAT database


World potato area harvested (ha)

Organic potatoes (in 2016)

Organic potato production was a relatively small segment of the market in most Member States. Only 20 000 holdings produced potatoes under organic farming conditions, with just over one half of these located in either Poland (23.8 %), Austria (14.7 %) or Germany (14.0 %). In Austria, however, farms producing organic potatoes accounted for one-fifth (20.4 %) of all farms producing potatoes.

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