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The daily work of Europatat is conducted by the secretariat of the Association based in Brussels.


Berta Redondo, Secretary General

Berta holds a Journalism Degree from the University of Valladolid in Spain, where she is originally from, and she has a strong work experience in agricultural communication and European affairs. Working for Europatat since 2018, she represents and defends the interest of the sector at the European level and other international settings. She is also responsible for the daily management of the association, all internal and external communications and membership’s relations, as well as policy dossiers such as agriculture and promotion, sustainability and research and innovation.

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Romans Vorss, Technical Affairs Director 

Romans has an extensive professional experience of more than ten years in Brussels, where he has been promoting and defending the interests of member associations and trading companies active in the EU agri-food trade sector. Romans holds a Bachelor in Food Technology and a Master in Natural Science from the University of Latvia, where he is originally from, and he has practical experience in a variety of EU policy areas. He is responsible for dossiers such as plant and food safety, trade, or research and innovation. Romans also supports the association’s public affairs and policy objectives trough the implementation of different lobbying activities.

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The Association’s collaboration with the fresh fruit & vegetable sector, results in a permanently available multilingual staff with various competences. The staff has built up a broad knowledge base and keeps in close touch with various European institutions, such as the European Commission and the European Parliament.

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