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Europatat is an international non profit association according to Belgian law, it is structured around a General Assembly, a Board and five commissions.

The Board consists of the association’s President, Vice-President and the Treasurer, and is assisted by an Advisory Committee composed of the chairs of each of the five commissions. The Board was renewed by the 2022 AGM which took place in Dublin (IE) on 30 May 2022.

President: Tigran Richter, DKHV, Germany
Vice-President: Domenico Citterio, Fruitimprese, Italy
Treasurer: Heero Gramsma, Luonnosta, Finland/Netherlands

Europatat’s organisation enables it, in spite of occasional conflicting opinions and interests, to define with an open mind a common policy defending the profession. To allow Europatat to be continuously updated on trade issues and to respond to all legal developments on the EU level in a quick and efficient way, the activities of Europatat are delegated to specialised commissions composed out of representatives of national associations and individual companies. Potato professionals are encouraged to bring in their knowledge and experience in order to strengthen the position of the sector.

In the 70th anniversary of Europatat, our association approved a new ambitious strategy for the period 2022-2025. This strategic plan re-organised the work of Europatat’s commissions to better serve the interests of the sector in the short-to-medium term and to achieve progress in all of the association’s major objectives. Therefore, the Europatat commissions are the following:

  • Seed potatoes, chaired by Peter Ton
  • Consumption potatoes, chaired by Thomas Herkenrath
  • Sustainability, chaired by Johan van der Stee
  • Technical & Regulatory issues, chaired by Florimond Desprez
  • RUCIP, chaired by Vlastimil Rasocha

Emerging or specific issues can be tackled through Ad Hoc working groups. For more information, please contact the Secretariat.

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