Horizon Europe: PataFEST

Europatat is part of an international consortium involved in the research project PataFEST, which aims to provide a powerful European initiative, focusing on sustainable Integrated Pest Management strategies to treat and control the presence of Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum pest and its vector in plant, and address the incidence of soil-borne pathogens during potato postharvest storage. The project will take place over four years (2023-2026) with a total budget of EUR 6 M from the EU Horizon Europe program (No GA 101084284). 

Cultivating Potato Resilience: An Initiative for the Early Detection, Surveillance, and Solutions to Potato Plant Diseases
PataFEST represents the collective determination to forge a more sustainable and resilient agricultural future. By addressing emerging plant health risks, adopting proactive measures, and promoting eco-friendly solutions, the project lays the groundwork for a thriving and equitable agriculture for generations to come.

Firstly, it delves into the molecular level to identify disease-resistant genes and develop precision-targeted solutions. Secondly, it adopts real-time diagnosis tools and AI algorithms for early detection and proactive protection. Thirdly, it pioneers eco-friendly practices to curb the spread of pests and diseases. The project’s Integrated Pest Management strategy encompasses validation across Europe and international partners, ensuring a sustainable agricultural future.

For more information, you visit the project’s website and follow the project on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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