Company Name: Germicopa

Year of foundation: 1989

Head office: Quimper, France

Number of employees: 63

Activity: Creation of potato varieties for the fresh market, export and industrial processing (fries, crips and starch).



About the company:

Germicopa is a French company specialising in the creation of potato varieties for the fresh market and industrial processing (fries, chips and starch).

In 1947, the Clause selection company and some cooperatives in Brittany collaborated to create new potato varieties that were adapted to local growing conditions and helped to restore the French agricultural sector. Some of these varieties are still part of Germicopa’s product range today.

Germicopa was founded in 1989 to consolidate the research, production, and marketing of seed potatoes. In the 1990s, Germicopa continued to develop its selection process, production capabilities, and sales networks, which remain one of the company’s strengths.

In 2014, Germicopa joined the Florimond Desprez group, which is renowned for its expertise in varietal creation. This partnership has given Germicopa a significant advantage, enabling it to further strengthen its research and development activities.


“Our main focus is to create varieties that are efficient, in line with sustainability principles and meet our client’s expectations. Germicopa relies on rich genetic resources of great diversity and can offer new and improved varieties every year.” – Baptiste Brunello, Managing Director


Today, Germicopa is an important player in the global seed potato industry, offering around 55 varieties to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. Its seed potato production relies on a network of approximately 200 growers based in Brittany and northern France, with its headquarters still located in Brittany.

Germicopa’s research strategy is designed to provide rapid and competitive responses to customer requests, considering their respective agro-ecological environments. To achieve this, Germicopa’s research teams rely on a diversified genetic resource of more than 1,000 genotypes, including many related species, which can be combined to feed into its breeding program.

Germicopa delivers one-third of its seed potatoes within France, with the remaining two-thirds exported to over 70 countries around the world.

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