Europatat warmly welcomes PotatoNext, a new cooperative for consumption potatoes from the Netherlands.

PotatoNext consists of around 200 ware potato growers cultivating across 3,200 hectares of potatoes, making it the largest consumer potato cooperative in the Netherlands. Annually, the new company packages and trades 160,000 tons of potatoes. Approximately 60% of this goes abroad, while 40% is sold within the Netherlands.

The leadership of the cooperative is helmed by CEO Jan Bijleveld and CCO Mariska Werring. In recent years, they jointly managed Leo de Kock BV, the potato packaging company based in Purmerend under Agrico. This entity merged into PotatoNext, as Agrico and Nedato directed their table potato growers towards the new independent cooperative. Therefore, PotatoNext emerged from the table potato activities of Agrico and Nedato.

Discover more about our members here.

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