The European Horizon Research project WASTELESS, in which Europatat is an active partner, will be involved on the 29th of September in the 4th International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste (IDAFLW) and invites you all to take action!

Reducing food loss and waste is a shared responsibility and in the hands of each of us: governments, private sector, civil society, development agencies, research and academic institutions and consumers. You can raise awareness among your peers, expand understanding of consumer behaviour and food waste, invest in climate friendly research and innovation, work with local authorities and much more and you will make a big difference! In the end we need to transform the agri-food system to a more efficient, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient one for better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life.

WASTELESS – Waste Quantification Solutions to Limit Environmental Stress (2023-2025), is a European funded project gathering the expertise of 29 organizations from 14 EU countries, with the ambition of reducing food loss and waste (FLW) by at least 20% annually. WASTELESS will start by developing a mix of tools and methodologies for FLW measurement and monitoring, which will be tested in 5 case studies: industries, retailers, services, households, and a selected food commodity. The results will be used to recommend a harmonised methodological framework for FLW quantification and will be the basis for a decision support systemic Toolbox targeting all food value chain stakeholders. Additionally, WASTELESS will carry research activities on innovative processes and streams to valorise unavoidable FLW. By providing the proper tools to measure and monitor FLW, WASTELESS will contribute to the Food 2030 priorities on: climate and environment, circularity and resource efficiency, innovation, and empowerment of communities.

It is time to get involved! Our collective efforts can make a difference! Stay connected with WASTELESS on, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Article prepared by Luminita Ciolacu and Sofia Reis, ISEKI-Food Association

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