Company Name: Desmazières

Year of foundation: 1945

Head office: Arras, France

Number of employees: 37

Activity: creation and breeding of potato “agroecolonomic” varieties, marketing of seed and ware potatoes



About the company:

Desmazières was founded in 1945 as a small family business but quickly diversified into the agricultural market and started business relationships for potato seeds supply. In 1996, Desmazières began a close collaboration with the Dutch cooperative Agrico, one of the top 3 potato breeding companies worldwide, and in 2005 it became the French subsidiary of the Agrico Group.

Today, Desmazières focuses on creating and providing innovative solutions, both in terms of varieties and services, that are best suited to potato production. This mission is carried out by a team of 37 professionals who provide advice and sales support to the 223 growers that are growing Desmazières’ seed and ware potatoes all over 4.300 hectares in France. Nowadays, Desmazières markets more than 110.000 tonnes of potato plants a year and 50 varieties of potatoes and bulbs. These varieties come from the selection done by Desmazières’ Research & Development manager, who works in close collaboration with Agrico Research and other French research stations, and are monitored in 7 trial fields.

Corporate social responsibility is one of the pillars of Desmazières. In this sense, this French company is now focusing on new generations of “agroeconolomic” varieties that are more productive, more resistant to diseases and require less input and water.


Much more than a simple approach or a certification process, CSR at Desmazières is a state of mind, a way of being and working on a daily basis, it is our DNA which enriches us a little more each day.” – Gilles Fontaine, Director General







As part of this philosophy, Desmazières has built new offices in Arras that are 100% self-sufficient for heating and electricity, use rainwater for sanitary facilities and are totally integrated into the landscape.


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