Potato Market, the first online potato market for producers and buyers, joins the European potato community.

Potato market is an online trading system that puts together producers/suppliers and buyers on the same platform without intermediaries, expanding the trade network in a transparent, easy to use, fast and reliable way.

Created by experienced professionals of the potato sector, Potato Market has three main objectives:

  • Accessibility: removing barriers and reaching a greater number of producers and buyers;
  • Information: providing direct and updated information about supply and demand;
  • Democratizing prices: prices are fixed within a transparent market that allows to reduce fluctuations and to harmonise the market.

This new trade model is completely adapted to the rules and practices of the potato sector in Europe: it uses the same crop identification criteria as CNIPT (the French National Interprofessional Potato Committee) and the EUROCELP quality standards. Potato Market also includes RUCIP in its digital contracts.

You can discover more about this revolutionary start-up in this brochure.

Learn more about our members here.

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