On 16 October, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) organises the International Food Day. FAO states that the food we choose and the way we consume it affect our health and that of our planet. It has also an impact on the way agri-food systems work. We, the global potato value chain, can be a part of the change.

This is why World Potato Congress Inc., the global organisation of potato professionals has set up a network to help developing sustainable potato production and consumption. They are calling upon all international, national, regional and local potato organisations for growers, traders and processors to join this action by sending out this GIF via their social media channels. And of course, Europatat supports the action!

The World Potato Congress Inc. is currently collaborating with FAO and several countries to propose to the United Nations General Assembly to organise an annual International Potato Day on May 30, the national potato day in Peru, the birthplace of the potato. FAO’s Director General Dr. Qu Dongyu has accepted the invitation to be a keynote speaker at the World Potato Congress in Dublin, Ireland starting on May 30 2022.

We invite all Europatat members to this important event, dedicated to the sustainable production, trade, processing and consumption of seed and ware potatoes, which will be organised just after the Europatat Congress 2022 on 29 and 30 May.


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